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Indian Journal of Pediatrics

Indian Journal of Pediatrics abbreviation - Indian J Pediatr

Journal Name : Indian Journal of Pediatrics

Abbreviation : Indian J Pediatr

Journal Start Year : 1936

Print ISSN : 0019-5456

Online ISSN : 0973-7693

Impact Factor : 1.136

Volume : 84

Subject : Medical

Sub Subject : Pediatrics

Country : India (IN)

Publisher : Springer

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About Journal :

Indian Journal of Pediatrics (IJP), is an official publication of the Dr. K.C. Chaudhuri Foundation. The Journal, a peer-reviewed publication, is published twelve  times a year on a monthly basis (January, February, March, April,  May, June, July, August,  September, October, November, December), and publishes clinical and basic research of all aspects of pediatrics, provided they have scientific merit and represent an important advance in knowledge. The Journal publishes original articles, review articles, case reports which provide new information, letters in relation to published articles, scientific research letters and picture of the month, announcements (meetings, courses, job advertisements); summary report of conferences and book reviews.