(New) Best Books for UPSC List – 2022

Best books for UPSC

If you are looking for the books for UPSC then here you can get the information related to books that are essential for UPSC examination.

The full form of UPSC is Union Public service commission is India’s premier central recruiting agency.

Most adults appear in this exam every year. Due to this, there Is a high demand for books for UPSC, so for this, we also describe the best and the essential books that will surely help to achieve your goal.

Which are the best books for UPSC?

UPSC syllabus consists of a wide range of the subjects and to prepare this exam, and you have to go through the excellent quality of the books, which must include all the required content such as previous year papers that is best to do the best preparation.

There are several subjects, so for this, you have numerous books to cover the UPSC syllabus.

For Indian history, the book is Adhunik Bharat Ka Itihas written by Bipan Chandra, and there are some of the other books that are History by Keshri, India’s Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma.

If you want to learn Indian Geography, then you should choose Human geography by Gog Cheng Leong. If you are going to choose geography for civil services, then choose Majid Husain, which will be the best idea.

For the environment, the book named context by Shankar is the best. Some of the other books that are also preferable are the environment: for civil services for prelims and mains UPSC, environment, and ecology for Civil services examination by Majid Husain, and so on.

For Indian Economy: The Indian economy: For UPSC and state civil services preliminary and the main examination by Ramesh Singh is one of the best books. The other books are the Indian economy by Sanjiv Verma and others.

Well, these books are available on Amazon so it is best to buy the books online at home.

This is a great opportunity to buy these books and crack the UPSC exam without getting nervous. 

Best books for UPSC

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Adhunik Bharat Ka ItihasBuy now
India’s Ancient PastBuy now
Human geographyBuy now
Environment, and ecology for Civil servicesBuy now
The Indian economyBuy now
Best books for UPSC

Which economy book is best for UPSC?

The economy is one of the main subjects for the UPSC examination. So every aspirant wants the best and the informative books that are the full package of important information and also there must be included the previous year papers.

By solving the previous year’s papers also help to know about the weaknesses and essential topics that have more weightage.

The success in the examination is also based on the good quality of books and comprehensive guidance. Here is the best economy book that is required for the preparation of the IAS exam.  

The Indian economy: For UPSC and state civil services preliminary and the main examination by Ramesh Singh is one of the best books. The writer of this book is Ramesh Singh, and this book is considered as the Gita of the Indian Economy.

This book is also beneficial to the researchers, academicians, and also for universities or college going students.

The Indian economy is the most preferable book and in the high demand by the UPSC aspirants and even for the other administrative jobs. 

How difficult is UPSC?

How difficult is UPSC
How difficult is UPSC

This is one of the common reasons “is UPSC is a tough exam or not”? The answer is that it is considered one of the toughest exams in India.

But there are the reasons that make this exam tough. Well, the exam pattern of the UPSC exam is one reason as it is consists of three stages.

1. UPSC Prelims, 2.UPSC Mains, and 3.UPSC Board interview, for this, you have to move forward step by step.

The second reason is the syllabus of UPSC; this is another part that requires a lot of concentration, time, and mental stability. The entire syllabus consists of several subjects.

The pass percentage is significant to move the next step. As a large amount of the people appears in this exam but less than one percent is the success rate.

But if you have strong determination then with the proper and right direction while preparing for the exam you can fall in the list of achievers. The last reason is time management, as it requires a long time to prepare for the UPSC examination

Estimated, you need a whole year, or in fact, it depends on the capability of the person. Well, these are some causes that make this exam toughest but if someone has strong will and determination then no one can stop the person to achieve the goal.

How can I crack the UPSC exam?

Most of the applicants are looking for the best tips that are quite helpful to crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt. Well, you may know that it is a myth that no one cannot crack the UPSC exam in the first attempt, but if one has a strong will and positive confidence, then the person can do whatever he or she wants. Well, here we are discussing the best tips and tricks that can help you to crack the UPSC exam.

Objectifies the syllabus of UPSC

Well, the aspirants feel the burden of the UPSC syllabus. Still, no doubt that the syllabus of the UPSC exam is huge, but must remember that it is something that has already studied in the previous class, you have to brush up the prior knowledge while preparing for the UPSC examination.

Divide and conquer

Must keep in mind, divide, and conquer. It means that you have to divide the whole syllabus into the manageable parts such as theory papers are history, economy, polity, geography and the other optional subject that demands a lot of time while aptitude test, which is CSAT that requires a small amount of time as it depends on your intelligence.

Follow strict timetable

It is very important to make a proper timetable through which you can use more than 8-10 hours of the day for the preparations of the UPSC exam and prepare the decided the topics every day.

Join the quality discussions

It is the significant tip that is also recommended by the toppers because good discussions will teach you discussion skills that are important not only for prelims but also for mains and interviews as well.

Solve previous mock papers regularly

To manage the speed to solve and time management is a vital part to crack the exam in 3 hours. This is the best method to boost confidence and overcome weaknesses.

Enhance the writing skills

Well, the syllabus is not only important but write the exam is also counts. Only the best writing skills make you the topper and other failures. So must practice the writing skills by practicing the essay or answer writing.

Revision time

While preparing for the UPSC exam, you must have extra time on your agenda for at least two-time revisions. Whether it is general studies or CSAT syllabus must revise it two times before the examination.

Never skip newspaper

According to the toppers, reading newspapers daily has an important role, because in the UPSC exam most of the questions are about the current affairs. So it becomes well-judged that how to read the newspaper that is what to read and what to not read.

Perfect Planning

Planning is the first step towards the path of success, if you have not planned then it is very difficult to bear the situation. Without planning, it is hard to achieve the goal so we must develop the habit to make the proper plan.

More books for UPSC

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