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Annals of Pediatric Cardiology

Annals of Pediatric Cardiology abbreviation - Ann Pediatr Card

Journal Name : Annals of Pediatric Cardiology

Abbreviation : Ann Pediatr Card

Journal Start Year : 2008

Print ISSN : 0974-2069

Online ISSN : 0974-5149

Impact Factor : Not

Volume : 12

Subject : Medical

Sub Subject : Pediatrics

Country : India (IN)

Publisher : Medknow publication

Journal Details : Journal Website

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About Journal :

The Annals of Pediatric Cardiology is being launched with the idea of providing a common platform for presenting data and expressing views for members of the following specialties viz. cardiology, cardiac surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care as well as more basic disciplines of pathology, molecular biology and genetics. We would also like this journal to be a medium for discussing related issues like medical education, paramedical training, healthcare costs, human resources, medical practices in economically challenged countries, ethics in medicine and so on. We plan to publish a teaching series on clinico-morphological correlation and hemodynamic rounds for post graduates and fellows in Pediatric Cardiology

The Annals of Pediatric Cardiology will have 2 issues in 2008 and 3 issues per year thereafter depending on the response of our readers and contributors.