UGC Approved Universities - 2020



1. What is open access journals?
   open access journals is a directory of journals from worldwide publsiher.
   Note: All journals are not open access in website.

2. Aim of open access journals?
   The aim of Open Access Journals is to distribute a best journal from our directory to the author, who is looking for a best journal for their manuscript.

3. Is open access journals is a indexing site?
   No, As we mentioned earlier open access journals is a directory of journals not a indexing site.
   Yes, you can apply or recommend a journal also, if journal is not in our list.

4. Is there any guidelines for journal submission?
   No, there are no submission guidelines for the journal, but if the information you provided is incorrect, the journal will not index the open access journal.
5. Can i join the open access journals directory?
   Yes, you are welcome if you want to join us (Open access journals directory). you also can join us as a Member, author and publisher.
6. Is there any registration fee?
   No, there are not any registration fees, you don't have pay any charges.

7. What is the required document for registration(Join)?
   i) - Required document for author,

  •    Profile picture (optioanl), 
  •    Name, 
  •    Email, 
  •    Contact no (optioanl), 
  •    Afflication,
  •    Desigination and subject of intrest.

   ii) - For member   

  •    Profile picture,
  •    Resume (CV),
  •    Name, 
  •    Email, 
  •    Contact no (optioanl), 
  •    Afflication,
  •    Desigination and subject of intrest (Subject).

   iii) - For publisher   

  •    Name of publisher,
  •    Publisher website url,
  •    Founder, 
  •    Headquarters, 
  •    Email, 
  •    Contact No, 
  •    Cuntory,
  •    Satate,
  •    Address,
  •    Publication Start year,
  •    Number of journals,
  •    Logo of publication,
  •    Publication types.


8. Can i suggest you, and how?
   Yes, you can suggest and send us feedback regarding our website and details also.
   If your suggestion will be helpful for our user then we definitely implement in our website.
9. Is there a fee for your services?
   No, there are not any fee for using our services or journal submission.
10. How i can contribute to open access journals?
If you want to contribute with open access journals, than simple if you find a correction in our website you can notify us.

If you are an author and you want to publish your article with us, then you can write articles in publication related topics for our users like (what is open access journal, what is peer review process, what is editorial board, what is journals, how to publish article and etc.).

Note: Article will be published with author name and profile picture.

Please send your feedback and document in [email protected]


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