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Indian Journal of Medical Research

Indian Journal of Medical Research abbreviation - Indian J Med Res

Journal Name Indian Journal of Medical Research
Abbreviation Indian J Med Res
Journal Start Year 1913
Print ISSN 0971-5916
Online ISSN 0367-9012
Impact Factor 2.061
Volume 149
Subject Medical
Sub Subject Medical
Country India (IN)
Publisher Medknow publication
Journal Details Journal Website

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About Journal :

The Indian Journal of Medical Research (IJMR) [ISSN 0971-5916] is one of the oldest medical Journals not only in India, but probably in Asia, as it started in the year 1913. The Journal was started as a quarterly (4 issues/year) in 1913 and made bimonthly (6 issues/year) in 1958. It became monthly (12 issues/year) in the year 1964. The Journal is being indexed and abstracted by all major global current awareness and alerting services

The IJMR is published monthly, in two volumes and 12 issues per year. The IJMR publishes peer reviewed quality biomedical research in the form of original research articles, review articles, short papers, short notes. Research letters are also published in the corresponding section after peer review. Special issues and Supplements are published in addition to the regular issues . 

Criteria for consideration of papers - The papers should meet the following criteria – the material should be original, the methodology used should be standard and appropriate, results should be unambiguous supported with data/photographs, conclusions should be reasonable and based on the findings, the topic should be of biomedical interest and findings should have clinical significance. Papers involving human and animals should be ethically cleared by the local ethical committees.


Journal FAQs

What is Indian Journal of Medical Research?

Indian Journal of Medical Research is a Medical and Medical Journal, and published by Medknow publication. See also a list of medical and medical journals.

What is the abbreviation of Indian Journal of Medical Research?

The abbreviation of Indian Journal of Medical Research is Indian J Med Res. find all journals abbreviation list from abbreviation list.

Since when has the Indian Journal of Medical Research been published?

Indian Journal of Medical Research journal has been published since 1913.

Who is the publisher of Indian Journal of Medical Research?

Medknow publication is the publisher of Indian Journal of Medical Research. find all journals list from Medknow publication publisher, click here for list of journals.

What is current volume of Indian Journal of Medical Research?

Indian Journal of Medical Research is currently publishing 149 volumes with the help of Medknow publication publisher.

What is the ISSN of Indian Journal of Medical Research?

"Indian Journal of Medical Research" journal Print ISSN : 0971-5916, and Online ISSN 0367-9012

What is impact factor of Indian Journal of Medical Research?

Indian Journal of Medical Research Journal Impact factor is 2.061.

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