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The Lancet

The Lancet abbreviation - Lancet

Journal Name : The Lancet

Abbreviation : Lancet

Journal Start Year : 1823

Print ISSN : 0140-6736

Online ISSN : 1474-547X

Impact Factor : 53.254

Volume : 393

Subject : Medical

Sub Subject : Medical

Country : Netherlands (NL)

Publisher : Elsevier Publication

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About Journal :

The Lancet is considered an authoritative voice in global medicine, with 1.8 million registered users worldwide.

The Lancet’s 2013 impact factor is 39.207, ranking the journal second in the general medicine category.

It’s very difficult to be published in The Lancet. Only 5% of submitted manuscripts accepted for publication in the Lancet family of nine general medicine specialty journals.

Research published in The Lancet is considered ethical and credible.