Indexed Journals List – What does it mean?

Indexed Journals

Indexed Journals – Journal Indexing is an indication of its quality. Indexed journals are considered to be of higher scientific quality as compared to journals that are non-indexed. The indexed journals get an expanded presence online, improved article discoverability, and are reputable for high-quality publications in a certain field.

Indexed journals are the best ones to publish your articles in as a researcher. They’re considered far better and more prestigious. An ambitious researcher will always go for the big names like The Lancet. Indexation helps you get noticed. It helps you in securing further goals for you. Indexation of journals has now become a debatable issue and a point of conflict among the academic community but society still accepts it as a metric.

For a simple definition, which journals will be considered indexed? according to IGI global “A journal is termed as an ‘indexed journal’ if it is indexed in Thomson Reuter’s annual Journal Citation Reports (JCR), indexed by SCIE (Science Citation Index Expanded)”.

Indexed journals have so many benefits that are why they’re so tough to access and publish. They require a gruelling screening process and an intense peer-to-peer vetting process. Your research article will be easily brought to the attention of more interested people as well as you can access and read papers and articles that you’re interested in. Indexed journals are like gateways for the ones who want to access heavy knowledge. They provide a reliable platform for both the disperser and the absorber of knowledge. 

Why is indexing essential?

  • Indexing will help your journal achieve its main purpose of a broad audience being able to access the journal.
  • Being accessible will improve the journal’s reputation which will be viewed as having reliable information.
  • Whenever researchers are looking to publish their research, they look for prominent journals that are indexed in recognized databases, often known as database research. So if your journal is indexed in a database that is well-known then it’s gonna receive more entries for potential publishing of good-quality research papers and articles.

Once the database indexes a journal, all the users of the database can immediately access it. Databases index everything from titles to indexing full articles while some databases index only the abstract and/or references. There are several abstracting and indexing services that are available today.

Indexed Journals are keys to opening up locks of rooms that contain verified knowledge. As we know that half knowledge is dangerous, the unindexed journals are seen as containing half-baked knowledge so they’re seen as having less validity and reliability. Usually, researchers try to avoid non-indexed journals if they’re trying to be more well-known in their sub-field of research.

 “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The same principle applies here as well. There are not many benefits of publishing in an unrecognized journal, something like Psychology Today or some other indexed journal is much better as they have a huge reader base which can also help you in word-to-mouth marketing if you’re relatively not a well-known researcher. The reach will be very helpful in your early career as well as it’ll also help you in ascertaining what your colleagues are doing.

This brings us to the question of which indexation is best and most valid? How to compare the quality of articles published in journals indexed with different indexation services? The selection of high-quality journals becomes a difficult decision for the authors as there is no clarity on the issue. Besides the start of new databases, one could question whether the journals indexed with these services are really indexed. i.e., enjoy the same perks & benefits journals indexed with well-known databases enjoy.

The best course of action for an institution or anyone who owns or runs a journal should be to get their journal/s indexed with as many services and databases as possible. Indexing journals is not easy as well, a journal needs to go through rigorous testing of various parameters from transparency to but not limited to the type of data published in the journal previously. Quality control is a big thing among indexed journals and it’s not easy to get past some of the filters that the journal publishing organizations or institutions have in place.

Always remember, if you have to use a journal, always go for the indeed one.

Here is a list of some of the indeed journals that are considered prominent and prestigious.

List of Indexed Journals

Living Reviews in Relativity
Molecular Cancer
The Lancet Global Health
The Lancet Public Health
Living Reviews in Solar Physics
Annual Review of Plant Biology
Studies in Mycology
Nucleic Acids Research
Journal of Hematology and Oncology
Journal of Extracellular Vesicles
List of Indexed Journals

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