New Journals Indexed in Web of Science in 2023

Journals Indexed in Web of Science

Journals Indexed in Web of Science – The Web of Science, a leading research database, has added dozens of new journals in August 2023. These journals cover a wide range of topics, from science and technology to social sciences and humanities. The new journals offer a glimpse into the future of research and provide researchers with a valuable resource for staying up-to-date on the latest findings.

New Journals Indexed in Web of Science List

Web of Science Indexed List

Journals Indexed in Web of Science

Journal titleE-ISSNPublisher name
International journal of transportation science and technology2046-0449Keai publishing ltd
International journal of the sociology of language1613-3668Walter de gruyter gmbh
Journal of economics and finance1938-9744Springernature
Analytical chemistry letters2230-7532Taylor & francis ltd
Biophysical reviews1867-2469Springernature
Journal of creating value2454-213xSage publications inc
Leukemia research reports2213-0489Elsevier advanced technology
Iberian journal of the history of economic thought2386-5768Ediciones complutense
Metal music studies2052-4005Intellect ltd
Punk & post-punk2044-3706Intellect ltd
Neurological research and practice2524-3489Springernature
Waste disposal & sustainable energy2524-7891Springernature
International journal of economic policy studies1881-4387Springernature
Avs quantum science2639-0213Aip publishing
Analytical science advances2628-5452Wiley
Star protocols2666-1667Elsevier
Analysis & sensing2629-2742Wiley-v c h verlag gmbh
Ieee journal of microwaves2692-8388Ieee-inst electrical electronics engineers inc
Artificial intelligence in agriculture2589-7217Keai publishing ltd
Data science in finance and economics2769-2140Amer inst mathematical sciences-aims
Environmental science-advances2754-7000Royal soc chemistry
Tapuya: latin american science, technology and society2572-9861Taylor & francis ltd
Brain, behavior, & immunity – health2666-3546Elsevier
Cerebral circulation – cognition and behavior2666-2450Elsevier
Biological psychiatry: global open science2667-1743Elsevier
Energy and ai2666-5468Elsevier
Brain and spine2772-5294Elsevier
Affective science2662-205xSpringernature
Chinese journal of academic radiology2520-8993Springernature
Wittgenstein-studien1868-7458Walter de gruyter gmbh
Carbon capture science & technology2772-6568Elsevier
Acs bio & med chem au2694-2437Amer chemical soc
Acs engineering au2694-2488Amer chemical soc
Physics open2666-0326Elsevier
Pnas nexus2752-6542Oxford univ press
Cjc open2589-790xElsevier
Current research in physiology2665-9441Elsevier
Current research in parasitology & vector-borne diseases2667-114xElsevier
Human nutrition & metabolism2666-1497Elsevier
Isme communications2730-6151Springernature
Otolaryngology case reports2468-5488Elsevier
Biophysical reports2667-0747Elsevier
Surgery in practice and science2666-2620Elsevier
Energy materials2770-5900Oae publishing inc
Communications in transportation research2772-4247Elsevier
Regional sustainability2666-660xKeai publishing ltd
Flow2633-4259Cambridge univ press
Frontiers in future transportation2673-5210Frontiers media sa
Advanced powder materials2772-834xKeai publishing ltd
Asian pacific journal of reproduction2305-0519Wolters kluwer medknow publications
New Journals Indexed in Web of Science in 2023

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