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Microbial diversity
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Microbial diversity of areca nut

Author : Km. pratibha singh, digvijay verma

Keyword : Microbial diversity, areca nut

Subject : Multidisciplinary

Article Type : Review article

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Abstract : One hundred twenty-two adults were enrolled, including 21 without a history of betel nut use, 37 previous betel nut users, and 64 present betel nut users. In 10 chewers, leukoplakia and submucous fibrosis were shown to be oral premalignant lesions. Within-sample bacterial diversity was considerably lower in current chewers with oral lesions compared to non-chewers and in long-term (>10 years) chewers compared to never chewers. By chewing status and oral lesion status, between-sample bacterial diversity based on Unifrac distances considerably varied. Streptococcus infantis was much more prevalent among current chewers, and different Actinomyces and Streptococcus taxa were also more and less prevalent. The genera Actinomyces and Streptococcus. Chewers who chewed for a long time had lower Parascardovia and Streptococcus levels. Chewers with oral lesions had considerably higher concentrations of Actinomyces, Oribacterium, and Streptococcus, including Streptococcus anginosus. Current betel nut chewing remained the only predictor of oral premalignant lesions in multivariate models that controlled for smoking, oral HPV, S. anginosus, and S. infantis levels.

Article by : Km Pratibha Singh

Article add date : 2023-05-26

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