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1. Dwi mariyono
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Character education
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Pembentukan karakter mahasiswa unisma berbasis kehidupan beragama

Author : Dwi mariyono, nur hasan, maskuri

Keyword : Character education, student character formation

Subject : Social sciences

Article Type : Original article (research)

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Abstract : Character education is an issue and is the main foundation in the world of education. In the opinion of Thomas Lickona that the 9 main pillars are interconnected as follows; respect, responsibility, fairness, courage, self-discipline, honesty, caring, citizenship, and perseverance. The inclusion of Islamic courses for 6 (six) semesters as compulsory courses for students at UNISMA is expected to be able to shape the positive character and personality of students. In this definition, elements of the developing process must be carried out in a structured, continuous and sustainable manner. The results of the study, in the formation of student character based on the habituation of religious life at UNISMA there are 3 philosophical foundations, namely Unity in Diversity, the Aswaja Paradigm and UNISMA's Vision and Mission to produce strong and superior output at the cognitive and affective levels by providing religious-based learning experiences through the basics worship and Islamic skills so that students are able to change themselves from learning culture of school children to become university students, to improve students' soft skills in forming self-image (self-image stage). Formation procedures include planning, creating an atmosphere, internalizing values, exemplary, habituation, and acculturation in religious life. Its implementation is carried out continuously and sustainably in providing an understanding of the nature of religious life, having a good and moderate personality in good social attitudes (humble) which aims to preach Ahlus Sunnah Waljama'ah An-Nahdiyyah Islam. Applicatively, the forms of activities are: Education Orientation, Halaqoh Diniyah, MASTER MABA, Islamic Lectures for 6 semesters, Dhuhur prayers in congregation, seven-minute lectures (cultum), Sholawatan, Istighosah, arts and sports by involving all work units to take on roles and their respective responsibilities. Models/forms of student character formation at the University

Article by : Dwi Mariyono

Article add date : 2023-05-05

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