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1. Jide alfred olaseeni
2. osanyinlusi remi
3. jacob olabode alademeyin

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Quality evaluation and antimicrobial activities of adzuki bean seeds oil (vigina angularis)

Author : Jide alfred olaseeni, osanyinlusi remi, jacob olabode alademeyin

Keyword : Antimicrobial activities, phytochemical properties, adzuki beans, fatty acid profile, bacteria

Subject : Microbiology

Article Type : Original article (research)

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Abstract : ABSTRACT The crude oil extracted from Adzuki bean oil (Vigna Angularis), purchased from Owo in Oba market in Owo local government area of Ondo state Nigeria. The extraction of the oil from the seed was carried out by soxhlet method using hexane as the extractant. The physicochemical properties of the oil were determined using gas chromatography (GC) and other standard methods. The antimicrobial activities were carried out using five species of bacterial. The results of the investigation is as follows: specific gravity (0.8142±0.11), refractive index at 250®C (1.462±O0.10), moisture content (0.850±0.12), PH (4.52±0.01), flash point (121®C±0.50), smoke point (110.®C±0.12), fire point (125®C±0.20), color (22.00 unit), others were free fatty acid (0.58%±0.02), acid value (1.18±0.01), peroxide value (12.05±0.05)meg/0.2/KOH, iodine value (105.00±0.03wij) and saponification value (195.05±0.05 mg/KOH). Gas chromatography analysis gave the following: fatty acid profiles, myristic (1.05%) %, palmitic (22.05%), stearic (56.60%), (oleic 78.60%), (linoleic 18.5%), (linolenic 16.58%) and behenic acids of ( 0.51%). The antimicrobial activities revealed the activities of the following organisms as against popular commercial antibiotics Escherichia Coli (15.00±0.04), Proteus (1.00±0.00), Klebsiella (3.00±0.03), Salmonella (7.00±0.01), and Bacillus Substill (5.00±0.02). The study shows that the vegetable seed oil is a good source of edible oil and for food formulation as well as drying oil in pharmaceutical, paint, soap and perfume industries because of its higher level of unsaturation in the fatty acid content.

Article by : Osanyinlusi Remi

Article add date : 2023-05-21

How to cite : Jide alfred olaseeni, osanyinlusi remi, jacob olabode alademeyin. (2023-May-21). Quality evaluation and antimicrobial activities of adzuki bean seeds oil (vigina angularis). retrieved from https://www.openacessjournal.com/abstract/1266