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Top 20 Dental Implants JournalsTop 20 Dental Implants Journals

Dental Implants Journals List

1) International journal of oral science

Publisher Sichuan University Press

The International Journal of Oral Science seeks to publish all aspects of oral science and interdisciplinary fields, including basic, applied and clinical research. Areas that are covered include but are not limited to: Oral microbiology Oral and maxillofacial oncology Cariology Oral inflammation and infection Dental stem cells and regenerative medicine ...

2) Journal of Orthodontic Science

Publisher Wolters Kluwer

The Journal of Orthodontic Science is an international, peer-reviewed journal that started in 2012 as a continues published journal. From 2018, the Journal of Orthodontic Science will adapt a continuous publication process whereby all accepted papers in the Journal would be published when they have completed the manuscript production process. Published articles are made freely available on the journal's website immediately upon publication....

3) Journal of Oral Medicine Oral Surgery Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology

Publisher IP Innovative Publication

The journal aims to serve society by publishing dental and basic science research on oral medicine, oral surgery, oral pathology, and oral radiology-related subject. The scope of the journal JOOOO is wide including the recent advances and clinical upgrades in the fields of oral medicine, oral and maxillofacial pathology, dental and maxillofacial radiology, and also the notable case reports and technical advances in the field of dentistry. The journal also publishes articles describing recent advances in the fields of oral surgery, oral pathology and oral medicine teaching and training methodology, and research methodology and dissemination....

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