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Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry

Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry abbreviation - ind j Agric Biochem

Journal Name : Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry

Abbreviation : ind j Agric Biochem

Journal Start Year : 2005

Print ISSN : 0970-6399

Online ISSN : 0974-4479

Impact Factor : 0.125

Volume : 15

Subject : Agriculture

Sub Subject : Biochemistry

Country : India (IN)

Publisher : Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry

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The  Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry Journal is being published biennially in the months of June and December. It publishes original research papers, short communications and review articles in areas of Agricultural Biochemistry including Plant Biochemistry, Soil Biochemistry, Plant Molecular Biology, Animal Biochemistry, Plant Diseases, Biochemistry of Pesticides, Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Science, Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Microbiology. It also publishes papers related to allied disciplines such as Plant Physiology, Horticulture, Genetics, Agricultural Chemistry having biochemical work. The authors are advised to submit three hard copies of their manuscript to the Asstt. Editor, Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry, Department of Agricultural Biochemistry, C.S.Azad University of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur- 208 002, U.P., India. However, the manuscript from USA and other foreign countries may be sent online to the Editor, North-America. The manuscripts will be accepted for publication from members of the Society as well as non-members. In case of members, one of the authors of the paper must be a fellow or member of the Society. However, non-members will have to pay printing charges @ Rs. Four hundred (or US$ 20) per page. All the manuscripts will be peer reviewed. Moreover, the authors of each paper have to pay Rs. 500/- as partial printing charges alongwith the revised manuscript before printing . The responsibility for any statement in the article rests entirely with the concerning authors. The authors are advised to prepare their manuscripts according to the following guidelines.