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Journal of Endodontics

Journal of Endodontics abbreviation - J Endod

Journal Name Journal of Endodontics
Abbreviation J Endod
Journal Start Year 1975
Print ISSN 0099-2399
Online ISSN 1878-3554
Impact Factor 2.833
Volume 45
Subject Dental
Sub Subject Endodontics
Country India (IN)
Publisher Elsevier Publication
Journal Details Journal Website

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About Journal :

The Journal of Endodontics, the official journal of the American Association of Endodontists, publishes scientific articles, case reports and comparison studies evaluating materials and methods of pulp conservation and endodontic treatment. Endodontists and general dentists can learn about new concepts in root canal treatment and the latest advances in techniques and instrumentation in the one journal that helps them keep pace with rapid changes in this field.

The Journal of Endodontics is ranked 13th out of 91 journals in the Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine category on the 2018 Journal Citation Reports®, published by Thomson Reuters, and has an Impact Factor of 2.886 - making it one of the essential publications for dental specialists.Benefits to authors
The Journal of Endodontics 
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Journal of Endodontics FAQs

Journal Short description?

Journal of Endodontics is a Dental and Endodontics Journal and published by Elsevier Publication. See also a list of dental and endodontics journals.

What is the abbreviation of the Journal?

The abbreviation of the journal is J Endod. find all journal abbreviation lists from the abbreviation list.

How long has the journal been published?

The Journal has been published since 1975.

Who is the publisher of the journal?

Elsevier Publication is the publisher of the Journal of Endodontics. find all journals list from Elsevier Publication publisher, click here for a list of journals.

What is the current volume of the Journal?

The journal is currently publishing 45 volumes with the help of Elsevier Publication publisher.

What is the ISSN Details?

"Journal of Endodontics" journal Print ISSN : 0099-2399, and Online ISSN 1878-3554

What is the impact factor of this journal?

The Journal Impact factor is 2.833 .

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