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Indian Journal of Gastroenterology

Indian Journal of Gastroenterology abbreviation - Indian J Gastroenterol

Journal Name Indian Journal of Gastroenterology
Abbreviation Indian J Gastroenterol
Journal Start Year 1982
Print ISSN 0254-8860
Online ISSN 0975-0711
Volume 37
Subject Gastroenterology
Sub Subject Gastroenterology
Country India (IN)
Publisher Springer
Journal Details Journal Website
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About Journal :

Indian Journal of Gastroenterology (IJG), is an official publication of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology. The Journal, a peer-reviewed publication, is published six times a year on a bimonthly basis (January, March, May, July, September, November), and publishes clinical and basic research of all aspects of the digestive system, including the liver, biliary system, pancreas and nutrition, provided they have scientific merit and represent an important advance in knowledge. The Journal publishes articles which include original papers, review articles, special articles (forum, debate), and interesting images. Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals" developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (

Indian Journal of Gastroenterology FAQs

Journal Short description?

Indian Journal of Gastroenterology is a Gastroenterology and Gastroenterology Journal and published by Springer. See also a list of gastroenterology and gastroenterology journals.

What is the abbreviation of the Journal?

The abbreviation of the journal is Indian J Gastroenterol. find all journal abbreviation lists from the abbreviation list.

How long has the journal been published?

The Journal has been published since 1982.

Who is the publisher of the journal?

Springer is the publisher of the Indian Journal of Gastroenterology. find all journals list from Springer publisher, click here for a list of journals.

What is the current volume of the Journal?

The journal is currently publishing 37 volumes with the help of Springer publisher.

What is the ISSN Details?

"Indian Journal of Gastroenterology" journal Print ISSN : 0254-8860, and Online ISSN 0975-0711

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