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Indian Journal of Anatomy

Indian Journal of Anatomy abbreviation - Indian J Anat

Journal Name Indian Journal of Anatomy
Abbreviation Indian J Anat
Journal Start Year 2012
Print ISSN 2320-0022
Online ISSN 2455-622X
Volume 8
Subject Medical
Sub Subject Anatomy
Country India (IN)
Publisher Red flower publication
Journal Details Journal Website
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About Journal :

The Indian Journal of Anatomy (Print ISSN : 2320-0022, Electronic ISSN : 2455-622X) is a tri-annual print and online journal of the Red Flower Publication. publishes original and peer-reviewed articles, for the dissemination of anatomical knowledge with clinical, surgical and imaging guidance. Includes articles of history, reviews and biographies, locomotors, splachnology, neuroanatomy, imaging anatomy, anatomical variations, anatomical techniques, education and pedagogy in anatomy, Human Anatomy, Veterinary Anatomy, Embryology, Gross Anatomy (Macroscopic), Microscopic Anatomy (Histology, Cytology), Plant Anatomy (Phytotomy), Comparative Anatomy, editorials, letters to the editor, and case reports. Articles of veterinary anatomy, comparative and other morphological sciences are accepted.

Readership: Anatomical specialties, veterinarian, embryologists.

Indian Journal of Anatomy FAQs

Journal Short description?

Indian Journal of Anatomy is a Medical and Anatomy Journal and published by Red flower publication. See also a list of medical and anatomy journals.

What is the abbreviation of the Journal?

The abbreviation of the journal is Indian J Anat. find all journal abbreviation lists from the abbreviation list.

How long has the journal been published?

The Journal has been published since 2012.

Who is the publisher of the journal?

Red flower publication is the publisher of the Indian Journal of Anatomy. find all journals list from Red flower publication publisher, click here for a list of journals.

What is the current volume of the Journal?

The journal is currently publishing 8 volumes with the help of Red flower publication publisher.

What is the ISSN Details?

"Indian Journal of Anatomy" journal Print ISSN : 2320-0022, and Online ISSN 2455-622X

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