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United States Medicinal Journals ListUnited States Medicinal Journals List

Medicinal Journals List of United States

1) Annual Review of Immunology

Publisher Annual Reviews Inc

Annual Review of Immunology:  Aims and Scope -The Annual Review of Immunology, in publication since 1983, focuses on basic immune mechanisms and the molecular basis of immune diseases in humans. Topics include innate and adaptive immunity; immune cell development and differentiation; immune control of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites) and cancer; and human immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases....

2) Hepatology International

Publisher Springer

Hepatology International is a peer-reviewed journal featuring articles written by clinicians, clinical researchers and basic scientists is dedicated to research and patient care issues in hepatology. This journal focuses mainly on new and emerging diagnostic and treatment options, protocols and molecular and cellular basis of disease pathogenesis, new technologies, in liver and biliary sciences. Hepatology International publishes original research articles related to clinical care and basic research; review articles; consensus guidelines for diagnosis and treatment; invited editorials, and controversies in contemporary issues. The journal does not publish case reports.. Hepatology International requests that all author...

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