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India Multidisciplinary Journals ListIndia Multidisciplinary Journals List

Multidisciplinary Journals List of India

1) Science Technology and Society

Publisher SAGE Publications Inc

Science, Technology and Society is an international journal devoted to the study of science and technology in social context. It focuses on the way in which advances in science and technology influence society and vice versa. It is a peer-reviewed journal that takes an interdisciplinary perspective, encouraging analyses whose approaches are drawn from a variety of disciplines such as history, sociology, philosophy, economics, political science and international relations, science policy involving innovation, foresight studies involving science and technology, technology management, environmental studies, energy studies and gender studies. The journal consciously endeavors to combine scholarly perspectives relevant to academic research and policy issues...

2) Journal of the Indian Institute of Science

Publisher Institute of Medico Legal Publications

Started in 1914 as the second scientific journal to be published from India, the Journal of the Indian Institute of Science became a multidisciplinary reviews journal covering all disciplines of science, engineering and technology in 2007. Since then each issue is devoted to a specific topic of contemporary research interest and guest-edited by eminent researchers. Authors selected by the Guest Editor(s) and/or the Editorial Board are invited to submit their review articles; each issue is expected to serve as a state-of-the-art review of a topic from multiple viewpoints....

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