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Business Journals List of India

1) Global Business Review

Publisher SAGE Publications Inc

Global Business Review provides an outlet for research and scholarship on management-related themes and topics. It publishes articles which are of a multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and internationally significant nature. Thus our major objectives are to attract thoughtful scholarship that matters to corporate and other institutions, for their overall development, as well as to society at large. We encourage contributions from around the globe, with special emphasis on emerging economies....

2) Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management

Publisher Springer

This journal intends to share concepts, researches and practical experiences to enable the organizations to become more flexible (adaptive, responsive, and agile) at the level of strategy, structure, systems, people, and culture. Flexibility relates to providing more options, quicker change mechanisms, and enhanced freedom of choice so as to respond to the changing situation with minimum time and efforts.  ...

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