List of Journals Without Publication fees

List of journals without publication fee

This is a list of Indian Journals without publication fees. Journals without publication charges Dev Sanskriti: Interdisciplinary International Journal Taiwanese Journal of Psychiatry Current Medical Issues Delta Journal of Ophthalmology…

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What is muscular force and example

What is muscular force and example?

Muscular force – There are many things in our lives, which are always confusing. For example, we always face a lot of doubts in remembering different types of forces and…

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A-Z Medical abbreviation list

(New) A-Z Medical abbreviation list – 2023

This is a list of medical abbreviation, and trying to cover all the abbreviation term from medical specialty. Medical Abbreviation Medical Abbreviation Meaning s̅ Without (s with an overbar) (from…

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APA Citation details and example

What is APA Citation and Example – 2023

The ideas of citation are evolving day-by-day and writers from across the globe are using the citations for making their readers in exploring their citations. It is very beneficial for…

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How to write an abstract

How to write an abstract – 2023

Do you want to write an abstract? Looking for the steps that can help you in writing a powerful abstract? If yes, then here in this, we will guide you…

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Best Dental Books

(New) Best Dental Books – 2022-2023

This is a list of updated Dental Books if you are a book lover and from the dental field, then this article for you, you can buy anyone book according…

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Best Medical Books

(New) Best Medical Books – 2022-2023

This is a list of medical books, where books of all the subjects related to the medical subject are kept, this book is the best selling medical book. If you…

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How to write a research paper

How to write a research paper? – 2023

A college student always needs to write one research paper before they are going to be a graduate. But making a research paper is a big deal when a student…

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What is DOI and use in Citation

What is DOI and use in citations- 2023

What is DOI – A DOI that is a digital object identifier, is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to an online document like an eBook or a journal article. Well,…

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(New) Index Copernicus Journals List

(New) Best Index Copernicus Journals List – 2022

What is Index Copernicus? Most of our readers have heard about the word Index Copernicus and Index Copernicus Journals for the first time, but you do not get worried as…

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