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Editorial Salud Ciencia y Tecnologia

Editorial Salud Ciencia y Tecnologia Journals, Publisher, Abbreviations

Salud Ciencia y Tecnologia

Salud, Ciencia y Tecnología is a scientific journal focused on the areas of health and technological innovation with a multidisciplinary approach. The journal serves as a platform for the promotion of technological research and development in multiple sectors, with special emphasis on the role of innovation as a driver of technological advances and breakthroughs. The journal presents the latest research on the associated processes and the impact of the results on society. The scope of the journal encompasses both the area of healthcare, nursing and health professionals, as well as all facets of technological innovation (both process and product) including the design and/or implementation of new products, technology-based processes...

Metaverse Basic and Applied Research

Metaverse Basic and Applied Research is an interdisciplinary journal on the areas of Computer Sciences that focuses on fundamental and applied research in the field of metaverses. The journal's focus is on understanding and developing metaverses as virtual spaces in which users can interact, create, and experience in real time. The journal seeks to foster innovative and cutting-edge research that promotes the creation of new technologies and applications for metaverses, as well as critical analysis and theoretical reflection on their impact on society....

Data and Metadata

Data & Metadata is an interdisciplinary journal on the areas of Health Science and Computer Science that focuses on the management, analysis, and application of data and metadata. The journal's focus is on research and development of methodologies and techniques that enable the extraction of valuable information and decision making based on data. Additionally, the journal seeks to promote the use of bibliometrics for the analysis of scientific and academic production....

Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation

Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation / Rehabilitación Interdisciplinaria is an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on research and development in the field of rehabilitation. Its main focus encompasses physical rehabilitation, music therapy, psychological rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, and sports rehabilitation. The journal seeks to promote collaboration between different disciplines and professionals in the field of rehabilitation, thereby encouraging the integration of innovative approaches and techniques....

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