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List of University of Strathclyde JournalsUniversity of Strathclyde Journals

1) Antennae The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture

Publisher university of Strathclyde

Antennae The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture -This issue of Antennae and the next are part of a project informed by the exhibition Making Nature: How We See Animals curated by Honor Beddard at Wellcome Collection (London) in 2016-17. This first installment, Making Nature, looks at the construction of nature as a cultural pursuit during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It focuses on issues of visibility and invisibility, both cultural and ecological, to critically appraise the methodological approaches that have defined the philosophies of the discipline. Technologies of visibility like taxidermy, dioramas, macro-photography, and illustration are here juxtaposed to highlight the complicity of art an...

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