May 23, 2024
Scopus Indexed Journals

Scopus Indexed Journals

Scopus Indexed Journals – Scopus, a widely recognized abstract and citation database, plays a crucial role in academic research and publication evaluation. It provides researchers, scholars, and institutions with a reliable platform to access and assess scholarly articles, track citation metrics, and discover relevant research literature.

India, being a vibrant hub of academic and research activities, boasts numerous Scopus-indexed journals across various disciplines. These journals are esteemed for their rigorous peer-review processes and high-quality publications. Researchers from India and around the world consider these journals as reputable sources to disseminate their findings and contribute to the scientific community.

Scopus Indexed Journals

Journals ListSJRH-Index
Higher Education for the Future2.107 Q19
Asian Journal of Social Health and Behavior1.900 Q111
Hepatology International1.577 Q158
Animal Frontiers1.163 Q144
Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management1.072 Q140
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence1.023 Q230
Endoscopic Ultrasound1.010 Q132
Indian Journal of Anaesthesia0.823 Q139
Indian Journal of Psychiatry0.771 Q246
Journal of Entrepreneurship0.745 Q225
Indian Journal of Medical Research0.716 Q296
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants0.669 Q148
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology0.666 Q267
Journal of Food Science and Technology0.666 Q194
Conservation and Society0.658 Q246
Journal of Pathology Informatics0.644 Q224
CytoJournal0.640 Q229
Asian Journal of Andrology0.617 Q285
Indian Journal of Pediatrics0.613 Q258
WHO South-East Asia journal of public health0.604 Q216
Indian Journal of Microbiology0.594 Q358
Journal of Biosciences0.586 Q180
Journal of Carcinogenesis0.570 Q242
Journal of Orthopaedics0.570 Q229
Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology0.565 Q337
World Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine0.551 Q113
Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia0.550 Q231
Journal of Family and Community Medicine0.530 Q232
South Asia Research0.509 Q218
Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences0.502 Q138
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science0.501 Q134
OPSEARCH0.498 Q226
Journal of Health Management0.489 Q322
Medical Gas Research0.487 Q229
Journal of Earth System Science0.480 Q263
International Journal of Plastics Technology0.478 Q222
Annals of Thoracic Medicine0.476 Q240
International Journal of Preventive Medicine0.472 Q351
Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy0.472 Q234
Annals of African Medicine0.468 Q330
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing0.467 Q250
Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry0.461 Q350
Global Business Review0.459 Q237
Translational Animal Science0.458 Q221
Psychology and Developing Societies0.457 Q321
VirusDisease0.456 Q330
Indian Journal of Tuberculosis0.452 Q324
Foreign Trade Review0.451 Q210
Indian Pediatrics0.450 Q258
Science, Technology and Society0.450 Q125
Scopus Indexed Journals

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