April 16, 2024
Springer Nature and EMBO cooperate to publish the EMBO Press suite of Journals

Springer Nature and EMBO cooperate to publish the EMBO Press suite of Journals

Springer Nature and EMBO cooperate – Starting from January 1, 2024, Springer Nature will be EMBO Press’s new publishing partner. The collaboration will provide authors publishing in EMBO Press journals with the advantage of the global outreach of Springer Nature’s top-tier journals. Authors will also have the option to transfer their manuscripts between journals in the EMBO Press and Springer Nature portfolios.

EMBO Press has recently announced that, in order to promote worldwide discoverability, transparency, and accessibility of published research outcomes, all papers will be published with full gold Open Access (OA) from 2024, and source data will be curated with completely reproducible methods. Springer Nature shares the same long-standing commitment to advancing Open Access and has extensive experience in developing innovative new routes to OA through transformative agreements and journals. Furthermore, Springer Nature is dedicated to making all aspects of research open, including data, code, and protocols.

The EMBO Journal, EMBO Reports, EMBO Molecular Medicine, and Molecular Systems Biology are highly valued journals that publish critical advancements in all fields of biology and biomedical sciences worldwide. They will be added to Springer Nature’s leading portfolio of over 600 fully OA journals, such as Nature Communications, and more than 1,700 hybrid journals, including the Nature and the Nature research titles.

Harsh Jegadeesan, the Chief Publishing Officer at Springer Nature, is thrilled to welcome EMBO Press to their publishing family and is looking forward to collaborating with them to advance equitable and market-leading Open Science and Open Access policies. Fiona Watt, EMBO Director, is proud of their journals and the services they offer authors and readers, and they chose Springer Nature as their publisher because it meets their needs best in a period when science publishing is rapidly changing. EMBO Press is a forward-thinking company that has chosen a publisher that can not only help them grow but also promote the widespread adoption of their successful Open Science activities.

Bernd Pulverer, Head of Scientific Publishing at EMBO, supports selective quality-focused publishing and Open Science equally to develop synergistic approaches for the effective dissemination of reproducible science. Through their partnership with Springer Nature, they can extend their approach of one review/one revision publishing with consultative transfers to and from a more extensive network of journals. Full Open Access benefits readers worldwide, and they will ensure that equitable financial models also preserve access to all authors of quality research.

Alison Labbate, Vice President of Society & Partner Management at Springer Nature, believes that this new partnership with EMBO Press reflects their strong commitment to partnering with scientific societies and institutions. They aim not only to meet researchers’ needs but also to advocate for global research equity and inclusion. Springer Nature is committed to the same values as EMBO Press, and they believe that by collaborating on policies, resources, and product development, they can achieve their objectives sooner. They are excited about the synergies and new opportunities this partnership will bring to their community.

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