What is EER and why should you calculate it?

What is EER and why should you calculate it?

The overconsumption of calories results in increase of weight and reduction of physical flexibility.

People who gain obesity reduce the consumption of calories so that they can stay in shape and fat does not compile on any part of the body.

Overconsumption of calories does cause an increase of flab. However, this does mean that a human being can survive a day without any calories. A minimum count of calories is required by every individual to perform the tasks on a day to day basis.

EER (Estimated Energy Requirement) varies between individuals

Each individual has a minimum energy requirement based on the body structure he has and the physical activity level. For instance, someone who has a sedentary level may have a different EER than an individual who goes to the gym 4 times a week. The correct value of EER has to be calculated and there are no flat results in this relation.

It is a cumbersome process to calculate EER through manual ways. You need to use proper formulae, enter values and then determine results. The procedure is quite lengthy and complicated. Secondly, you do not need to go for it because an easier alternative is there. You can use an EER calculator and determine the minimum calories you need for the day. The link for best EER Calculator given below


EER helps you with diet selections

Do you know that most people gain weight because they do not eat the correct food? If you do not exercise a lot and still have fried food for meals, the weight will increase. Thus, it can be said that EER depends on how much a person works out. Some people visit the gym and have a proper exercising routine for 5 days a week.

Similarly, other people do not exercise a lot.

The diet selections of a person depend on the routine he has and the calories he needs to survive throughout the day. Again, this varies from person to person.

If you know your EER, you would be able to select the correct diet options.

The usage of an EER calculator

What is the best way to determine your EER? Can you use manual methods and determine the value? It is possible to calculate EER manually but the process is lengthy and requires a lot of effort.

You would have to keep a track of what you are eating and the minimum calories that have to be consumed. In addition to that, manual calculations can always be incorrect so using an EER calculation is a much better alternative.

  • These tools have several benefits connected to them. For instance, they are free and users do not have to spend money to use them. A major concern for most users is whether the tool they are using has any charges or not. These tools do not have any charges and you can use them without spending any finances.
  • Users do not like to go through a phase of learning while adapting a tool. This does happen when a particular tool is complex and the options are hard to understand. EER calculators are simple to use and any user can use them irrespective of the technical background he has. No learning phase is required in this case.

Going through the steps of usage

To get a better idea of what you have to go through while using an EER calculator, let us have a look at the steps.

Checking input values

Users have to enter few input values when they are in the process of determining EER.

To start with, select your gender, age, height and weight. Along with that, you have to choose the sedentary level you have. The sedentary level describes the level of physical activity you follow.

For example, a person who goes to the gym regularly would choose the “active” or “very active” option.  

After you are done with entering the inputs, you can proceed to the output stage by clicking the “calculate” button.  

EER will be the output

According to the inputs entered by the user, the output EER would be calculated. This would depend on the input details entered. This value would show the minimum calories you need to survive throughout the day.


It is good to stay fit but a minimum count of calories is needed for survival purposes. This minimum count of calories is called EER. The best way to determine this value is using a proper calculator.

These tools can be used online without any financial charges. EER calculators do not have any limitations on the number of times a calculation is performed.

Every individual wants to stay fit and keep his body in shape. Using an EER calculator, you can determine the minimum calories you need for each day. In this way, meals with additional calories would be avoided.

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