United Kingdom Journals without article processing charges (APCs)

List of Journals Without Publication fees

This is a list of UK Journals without APC Charges from DOAJ

United Kingdom Journals without article processing charges – The Directory of Open Access Journals is a website that hosts a community-curated list of open access journals, maintained by Infrastructure Services for Open Access. It was launched in 2003 with 300 open access journals.

United Kingdom Journals without APC

Journals without article processing charges

Journal of the Egyptian National Cancer Institute
Tourism Critiques
Journal of Electrical Systems and Information Technology
Journal of Water and Health
Tate Papers
Public Health Research
Journal of Tourism Futures
Lifespans and Styles
Marvell Studies
Ethnologia Europaea
International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring
ARENA Journal of Architectural Research
European Medical Journal Rheumatology
IOP SciNotes
The Cardiothoracic Surgeon
European Medical Journal Hepatology
AAOU Journal
Rajagiri Management Journal
Journal of Italian Philosophy
European Medical Journal Gastroenterology
Journal of Eurasian Studies
Public Administration and Policy
European Medical Journal Neurology
Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine
Advances in Rheumatology
Journal of Engineering and Applied Science
The Journal of Nursing Research
Water Policy
Middle East Current Psychiatry
Journal of Water and Climate Change
IZA Journal of European Labor Studies
The Egyptian Heart Journal
Le foucaldien
Egyptian Liver Journal
Research for All
European Medical Journal Respiratory
ORBIT Journal
Worldwide Waste
IASPM Journal
Journal of Economics and Development
Press Start
Journal of Information Literacy
Royal Studies Journal
Education Inquiry
Urban Transcripts
Islamic Economic Studies
International Practice Development Journal
Journal of Economic Structures
New Classicists
Avian Research
Research Ethics Review
The Journal of Population and Sustainability
International Hospitality Review
Music and Arts in Action
Policy Design and Practice
Health Technology Assessment
Wolverhampton Law Journal
The Egyptian Journal of Bronchology
Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal
International Journal of Public Legal Education
Pons Aelius
Satellite Navigation
Research in Learning Technology
European Medical Journal Dermatology
Journal of Islamic Jerusalem Studies
Global Health Research and Policy
Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training
PSU Research Review
Archives of Physiotherapy
Journal of Defense Analytics and Logistics
Tilburg Law Review
Economic Thought
International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education
Forestry Economics Review
Neotropical Biodiversity
Frontiers of Business Research in China
Informatics in Primary Care
Romanian Neurosurgery
Regenerative Biomaterials
Clinical Hypertension
Fuzzy Information and Engineering
Midlands Historical Review
Vascular Biology
Studies in the Maternal
Egyptian Journal of Neurosurgery
Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research
Journal of Leather Science and Engineering
AJIL Unbound
Future Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The International Journal of Creative Media Research
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering
International Journal of Clinical Legal Education
Organization Management Journal
Advances in Combinatorics
Tyndale Bulletin
Protection and Control of Modern Power Systems
Journal of Creative Music Systems
Performance Philosophy
Journal of Analytical Science and Technology
Review of Economics and Political Science
Cell Regeneration
Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control
International Journal of Anthropology and Ethnology
RSC Chemical Biology
The Journal of Classics Teaching
London Review of Education
The Scottish Journal of Performance
IALS Student Law Review
ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance
Health Services and Delivery Research
Advances in Aerodynamics
European Medical Journal Nephrology
Water Supply
The Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
Digital Studies
Journal of Terrorism Research
Welsh Economic Review
Virus Evolution
Acta Epileptologica
Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice
Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford
International Review of Social Psychology
Art Therapy Online
James Baldwin Review
Family Medicine and Community Health
Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology
Bulletin of the National Research Centre
Global Media and China
European Medical Journal Cardiology
Egyptian Pediatric Association Gazette
Built Heritage
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics
Radical Americas
BJPsych International
United Kingdom Journals without article processing charges (APCs)

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