BID Medical Abbreviation

BID Medical Abbreviation: Meaning, Usage, and Common Misconceptions

BID Medical Abbreviation – Medical professionals use a wide variety of abbreviations to communicate quickly and accurately with one another. One such abbreviation that you may come across in medical…

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How to Index article in Google Scholar

Google Scholar: A Comprehensive Guide to Academic Research

Google Scholar is a search engine that provides a free, easy way to search for academic literature. It was launched in 2004 by Google and has since become a popular…

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PRN Medical Abbreviation

PRN Medical Abbreviation: What It Means and How It’s Used in Healthcare

PRN Medical Abbreviation – In the field of healthcare, medical abbreviations are widely used to convey important information efficiently. One such abbreviation that healthcare professionals encounter frequently is “PRN”. But…

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What is Sci-Hub and Proxy List

(New) What is Sci-Hub and Proxy List: 2023

Sci-Hub is a website that provides free access to millions of scientific research papers and articles, which are typically only available through expensive academic journals. The site was created in…

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Best Ways to Increase Your Citation Count

Best Ways to Increase Your Citation Count : 2023-24

Ways to Increase Your Citation – Article citation is the act of referencing or citing a published article in academic works such as research papers, books, or articles. Citing sources…

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Nass Rating

(Updated) Journals Naas Rating 2023

Naas Rating – NAAS (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences) rating is a system used to evaluate the quality of scientific journals in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. The…

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How to Indexed Journal in PubMed

How to Indexed Journal in PubMed? – 2023-24

How to Indexed Journal in PubMed – PubMed is a free online database that provides access to over 32 million citations and abstracts from biomedical and life sciences research articles….

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How to Index article in Google Scholar

How to Index Article in Google Scholar? – 2023-24

This article is about “Google Scholar” in this article we will know about “How to Index Article in Google Scholar?” Google Scholar is a web search engine developed by Google…

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What is Publication Ethics

What is Publication Ethics?

Publication ethics refers to the set of principles and guidelines that govern the behavior of authors, editors, and publishers in the academic and scientific community. The aim of publication ethics…

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Indexed Journals

Indexed Journals List – What does it mean?

Indexed Journals – Journal Indexing is an indication of its quality. Indexed journals are considered to be of higher scientific quality as compared to journals that are non-indexed. The indexed…

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