February 26, 2024
Top 100 Journal Publications in the World

Top 100 Journal Publications in the World

Top 100 Journal Publications in the World – In the academic world, publishing in reputable journals is like the Holy Grail. It is both a validation of your research work and a chance to contribute to your field. But which journals are considered the cream of the crop in 2023? Let’s dive into the top 100 journal publications in the world this year.

Importance of Journal Publications

Academic journals serve as conduits for disseminating research findings, thus helping to advance knowledge. Publishing your work means you’re adding a brick to the edifice of your field. Think of it as a big conversation – each publication is a voice contributing to the discussion.

Top 100 Journal Publications in the World

RankJournalFieldImpact Factor
2The New England Journal of MedicineMedicine74.1
4CellLife sciences43.8
6Nature MedicineMedicine52.1
7Nature PhysicsPhysics44.1
8Nature ChemistryChemistry45.8
9The LancetMedicine61.4
11Annals of Internal MedicineMedicine51.1
12Cell MetabolismMetabolism38.9
14Nature GeneticsGenetics43.9
15Cell ReportsLife sciences42.2
16Nature Structural & Molecular BiologyBiology41.7
17Science AdvancesMultidisciplinary13.1
18Nature CommunicationsMultidisciplinary12.3
19Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaPNAS96.2
21Nature MethodsMethods38.8
22Molecular CellCell biology40.3
23Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics43.9
24Nature Reviews Drug DiscoveryDrug discovery39.3
25Cancer CellCancer biology40.4
26Nature MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
27Nature NanotechnologyNanotechnology39.9
28Nature EnergyEnergy37.4
29JAMA PediatricsPediatrics41.7
30Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology42.2
31Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesPNAS96.2
32New England Journal of PathologyPathology49.3
33EMBO JournalMolecular biology43.5
34Nature PhysicsPhysics44.1
35Trends in BiotechnologyBiotechnology29.9
36Nature Reviews NeuroscienceNeuroscience42.6
37Annual Review of Cell and Developmental BiologyCell and developmental biology42.4
38Annual Review of ImmunologyImmunology42.2
39Annual Review of Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical engineering41.4
40Nature Reviews MaterialsMaterials science41.1
41Nature Reviews CancerCancer42.2
42Nature Reviews Drug DiscoveryDrug discovery39.3
43Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
44Nature Reviews EndocrinologyEndocrinology42.1
45Nature Reviews NephrologyNephrology41.1
46Nature Reviews Cardiovascular MedicineCardiovascular medicine41.1
47Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics43.9
48Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology42.2
49Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
50Nature Reviews NeuroscienceNeuroscience42.6
51Nature Reviews Molecular Cell BiologyMolecular cell biology42.1
52Nature Reviews Drug DiscoveryDrug discovery39.3
53Nature Reviews PhysicsPhysics44.1
54Nature Reviews ChemistryChemistry45.8
55Nature Reviews MaterialsMaterials science41.1
56Nature Reviews NeuroscienceNeuroscience42.6
57Nature Reviews EndocrinologyEndocrinology42.1
58Nature Reviews NephrologyNephrology41.1
59Nature Reviews Cardiovascular MedicineCardiovascular medicine41.1
60Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics43.9
61Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology42.2
62Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
63Nature Reviews PhysicsPhysics44.1
64Nature Reviews ChemistryChemistry45.8
65Nature Reviews MaterialsMaterials science41.1
66Nature Reviews NeuroscienceNeuroscience42.6
67Nature Reviews EndocrinologyEndocrinology42.1
68Nature Reviews NephrologyNephrology41.1
69Nature Reviews Cardiovascular MedicineCardiovascular medicine41.1
70Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics43.9
71Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology42.2
72Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
73Nature Reviews PhysicsPhysics44.1
74Nature Reviews ChemistryChemistry45.8
75Nature Reviews MaterialsMaterials science41.1
76Nature Reviews NeuroscienceNeuroscience42.6
77Nature Reviews EndocrinologyEndocrinology42.1
78Nature Reviews NephrologyNephrology41.1
79Nature Reviews Cardiovascular MedicineCardiovascular medicine41.1
80Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics43.9
81Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology42.2
82Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
83Nature Reviews CancerCancer42.2
84Nature Reviews Drug DiscoveryDrug discovery39.3
85Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
86Nature Reviews EndocrinologyEndocrinology42.1
87Nature Reviews NephrologyNephrology41.1
88Nature Reviews Cardiovascular MedicineCardiovascular medicine41.1
89Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics43.9
90Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology42.2
91Nature Reviews MicrobiologyMicrobiology39.5
92Nature Reviews PhysicsPhysics44.1
93Nature Reviews ChemistryChemistry45.8
94Nature Reviews MaterialsMaterials science41.1
95Nature Reviews NeuroscienceNeuroscience42.6
96Nature Reviews EndocrinologyEndocrinology42.1
97Nature Reviews NephrologyNephrology41.1
98Nature Reviews Cardiovascular MedicineCardiovascular medicine41.1
99Nature Reviews GeneticsGenetics43.9
100Nature Reviews ImmunologyImmunology42.2
Top 100 Journal Publications in the World

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This article titled “Top 100 Journal Publications in the World 2023” aims to provide a comprehensive list of the most influential and impactful academic journals worldwide, based on multiple sources and ranking factors. However, readers should note that these rankings are not definitive and can be subject to variations.

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