June 10, 2023
UGC-Cloned Journals List 2023

UGC-Cloned Journals List 2023

Cloned journals are fraudulent or fake scientific journals that mimic legitimate scholarly journals in order to deceive researchers into submitting their manuscripts and paying fees for publishing. These cloned journals often use names, logos, and websites similar to those of well-established journals, making it difficult for researchers to distinguish between legitimate and fake ones.

The purpose of cloned journals is usually to make money by charging authors high fees for publication without providing proper peer review or editorial services. This can lead to the dissemination of false, misleading, or poorly researched scientific information. Therefore, it is important for researchers to be aware of these fraudulent journals and carefully evaluate any journals they are considering submitting their work to.

How do you identify cloned journals?

Identifying cloned journals can be challenging, but there are a few things that researchers can do to help spot these fraudulent publications:

  1. Check the journal’s website: Look for spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistent formatting, or any other signs of unprofessionalism. Also, be wary of journals with a website design that looks very similar to that of another legitimate journal.
  2. Check the journal’s indexing: Check if the journal is indexed in reputable academic databases such as Scopus, Web of Science, or PubMed. If the journal is not indexed or if it is indexed in a suspicious or unknown database, it may be a sign of a cloned journal.
  3. Look for information on the editorial board: Reputable journals typically have a clearly listed editorial board with contact information for the editors. Check if the editors are experts in their fields and if their affiliations are legitimate.
  4. Evaluate the peer-review process: Be wary of journals that do not have a transparent peer-review process or those that guarantee acceptance of papers. Reputable journals typically have a rigorous peer-review process that involves subject-matter experts reviewing papers for accuracy, relevance, and quality.
  5. Be cautious of unsolicited emails: If you receive an unsolicited email inviting you to submit your paper to a journal that you are not familiar with, be cautious. Reputable journals typically do not send unsolicited emails to solicit papers.

What are UGC-cloned journals?

What are UGC-cloned journals?

UGC-cloned journals are fraudulent or fake academic journals that mimic the names, logos, and ISSN numbers of legitimate academic journals included in the University Grants Commission (UGC) list of approved journals.

The UGC is a statutory body in India that provides recognition to universities and colleges and promotes academic excellence. In 2017, the UGC published a list of approved journals in various disciplines to help researchers identify credible journals for their publications. However, some fraudulent publishers have cloned the names and ISSN numbers of the approved journals to deceive researchers into submitting their work and paying fees for publication.

These cloned journals do not provide rigorous peer review and editorial services and publish low-quality research, leading to the dissemination of false or misleading information. Therefore, researchers should carefully evaluate the legitimacy of a journal before submitting their work for publication, especially if the journal claims to be included in the UGC-approved list.

MDPI New Scopus-Indexed Journals

UGC Cloned Journals List

Print JournalsCloned Journals
(Included in UGC-CARE List)(Not Included in UGC-CARE List)
Title-AabruTitle- Aabru Journal
Language: PunjabiLanguage: Punjabi and English
Publisher: Baljeet Singh RainPublisher: Baljeet Singh Raina
ISSN: 2456-253XISSN: 2456-253X
URL: NAURL: https://www.aabru.org
Title- AdhigamTitle- Adhigam – International Journal of Hindi Research
Language: HindiLanguage: Hindi and Marathi
Publisher: State Institute of EPublisher: State Institute of Education
ISSN: 2394-773XISSN: 2394-773X
URL: NAURL: https://hindijournals.org/index.php/adhigam/index
Title- AkshargathaTitle- Akshargatha Journal
Language: MarathiLanguage: Marathi
Publisher: Balivansh PrakashPublisher: NA
ISSN: 0976-2957E-ISSN: 0976-2957
E-ISSN: NAURL: https://www.eduindex.org/2019/05/akshargatha-ugc-approved-journal.html
Title- Alochana ChakraTitle- Alochana Chakra Journal
Language: BengaliLanguage: English and Hindi
Publisher: Chiranjib SurPublisher: NA
ISSN: 2231-3990ISSN: 2231-3990
URL: NAURL: http://www.alochanachakra.in/
Title- AmmanudiTitle- Ammanudi Journal
Language: TeluguLanguage: Telugu
Publisher: Samala RameshPublisher: Samala Ramesh Babu
URL: NAURL: https://www.ammanudi.com
Title- Aruhu KuruhuTitle- Aruhukuruhu Journal
Language: KannadaLanguage: Kannada
Publisher: Rathana Halathi SPublisher: Rathana Halathi Somashekar
ISSN: 2347-5048ISSN: 2347-5048
URL: NAURL: https://www.aruhukuruhu.com/
Title- Banaas JanTitle- Banaas Jan Journal
Language: HindiLanguage: Hindi
Publisher: Notnul PublisherPublisher: Notnul Publisher
ISSN: 2231-6558ISSN: 2231-6558
URL: NAURL: https://www.banaasjan.com/
Title- CLIO An Annual InterdiTitle- CLIO An Annual Interdisciplinary Journal of History
Language: EnglishLanguage: English
Publisher: Corpus Research IPublisher: NA
ISSN: 0976-075XISSN: 0976-075X
URL: NAURL: https://www.cliojournal.org/index.php/0976-075x/about
Title- DastavejTitle- Dastavej- UGC Care Listed Hindi Journal
Language: HindiLanguage: Hindi
Publisher: Central Institute ofPublisher: NA
ISSN: 2348-7763ISSN: 2348-7763
URL: NAURL: https://www.dastavej.org/2019/09/dastavej-ugc-care-listed-hindi-journal.html
Title- Dogo Rangsang ResearTitle- D.R S. Research Journal
Language: English & AssamLanguage: English & Assamese
Publisher: Dogo Rangsang RPublisher: NA
ISSN: 2347-7180ISSN: 2347-7180
URL: NAURL: http://www.drsrjournal.com
Title- DrishtikonTitle- Drishtikon
Language: HindiLanguage: Hindi
Publisher: Drishtikon PrakasPublisher: Drishtikon Prakashan
ISSN: 0975-119XISSN: 0975-119X
URL: NAURL: https://hindijournals.org/index.php/drishtikon
Title- Flusser Studies. MultiliTitle- Flusser Studies. Multilingual Journal for Cultural and Media Theory
Language: English, German,Language: English
Publisher: Università della SviPublisher: NA
ISSN: 1661-5719ISSN: 1661-5719
URL: https://www.flusserstudieURL: https://flusserstudies.org/
Title- George Washington IntTitle- George Washington International Law Review
Language: EnglishLanguage: English
Publisher:George WashingtoPublisher: NA
ISSN: 1534-9977ISSN: 1534-9977
URL: https://www.law.gwu.edu/URL: https://archive-gwilr.org/
Title- Itihas DrishtiTitle- Itihas Drishti Journal
Language: HindiLanguage: Hindi
Publisher: Saiyad Najamul RPublisher: Saiyad Najamul Raja Rijavi
ISSN: 0976-349XISSN: 0976-349X
URL: NAURL: https://www.itihasdrishti.com/
Title- Journal of the MaharajaTitle- Journal of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
Language: EnglishLanguage: English
Publisher: Maharaja SayajiraPublisher: Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
ISSN: 0025-0422ISSN:0025-0422
PDF : Click here for original coPDF : Click here for predatory content
Title- Juni KhyatTitle- Juni Khyat Journal
Language: HindiLanguage: English & Hindi
Publisher: Maru Bhumi ShodPublisher: NA
ISSN: 2278-4632ISSN: 2278-4632
URL: NAURL: http://www.junikhyat.com
PDF :Click here for original conPDF : Click here for predatory content
Title- Kala SarovarTitle- KALA SAROVAR
Language: English, HindiLanguage: English, Hindi
Publisher: Kala Evam DharmPublisher: NA
ISSN: 0975-4520ISSN: 0975-4520
URL: NAURL: http://kalasarovarjournal.com/
Title- KALA: The Journal of InTitle- KALA: Journal of Indian Art History Congress (Print Journal)
Language: EnglishLanguage: English
Publisher: Indian Art HistoryPublisher: Sundeep Prakashan, New Delhi
ISSN: 0975-7945ISSN: 0975-7945
Title- Kavita-RatiTitle- Kavita Rati Journal
Language: MarathiLanguage: Marathi
Publisher: Sujay PrakashanPublisher: Sujay Prakashan
ISSN: 2278-9243ISSN: 2278-9243
URL: NAURL: https://www.kavitarati.com
Title- LamahiTitle- Lamahi Journal
Language: HindiLanguage: Hindi
Publisher: NotnulPublisher: Notnul
ISSN: 2278-554XISSN: 2278-554X
URL: NAURL: https://www.lamahi.org
Title- MahaanubhavTitle- Mahaanubhav Journal
Language: MarathiLanguage: Marathi
Publisher: Unique FeaturesPublisher: Unique Features
URL: NAURL: https://www.mahaanubhav.com/
Title- Mukt ShabdTitle- Mukt Shabd Journal
Language: MarathiLanguage: English and Hindi
Publisher: Mukta ShabdPublisher: NA
ISSN: 2347-3150ISSN: 2347-3150
URL: NAURL: http://shabdbooks.com/
Title- Nibandha MalaTitle- Nibandha Mala
Language: SanskritLanguage: Hindi
Publisher: Rashtriya SanskritPublisher: Internationally renowned academic publisher
ISSN: 2277-2359ISSN: 2277-2359
URL: NAURL: https://hindijournals.org/index.php/nibandha-mala
Title- Prasanna BharathiTitle- Prasanna Bharathi Journal
Language: TeluguLanguage: Telugu
Publisher: Prasanna BharathiPublisher: Prasanna Bharathi Vidya Sanskruthika Seva Trust
URL: NAURL: https://www.prasannabharathi.com
Title- PravachanTitle- Parvachan Journal
Language: PunjabiLanguage: Punjabi
Publisher: Rajnish BahadurPublisher: Rajnish Bahadur
ISSN: 2231-6930ISSN: 2231-6930
URL: NAURL: https://www.parvachan.com/2020/04/parvachan-journal.html
Title- PurakalaTitle- Purakala with is an UGC CARE Journal
Language: EnglishLanguage: English
Publisher: Rock Art SocietyPublisher: NA
ISSN: 0971-2143ISSN: 0971-2143
URL: https://rockartweb.comURL: https://www.purakala.com/index.php/0971-2143
Title- Sambodhi: IndologicalTitle- Sambodhi
Language: English, Gujarati,Language: English
Publisher: : L. D. Institute of IPublisher: Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology
ISSN: 2249-6661ISSN: 2249-6661
Title- Samvad PathTitle- Samvad Path
Language: HindiLanguage: English
Publisher: Kendriya Hindi SaPublisher: NA
ISSN: 2581-7353ISSN: 2581-7353
URL: https://sites.google.com/vURL: http://www.samvadpath.com/index.php
Title- SarvdharaTitle- Sarv Dhara International Journal (Multidiscplinary)
Language: MarathiLanguage: Marathi, Hindi, English
Publisher: SarvdharaPublisher: Marathi Sahitya Parishad
ISSN: 2249-3034ISSN: 2249-3034
URL: NAURL: https://actpressonline.com/sardhajou/
Title- ShabadTitle- Shabad Journal
Language: PunjabiLanguage: Punjabi
Publisher: Vinod KumarPublisher: Vinod Kumar
ISSN: 2278-5167ISSN: 2278-5167
URL: NAURL: https://www.shabadjournal.com/2020/04/shabad-journal.html
Title- South Asia ChronicleTitle- South Asia Chronicle
Language: English, GermanLanguage: English
Publisher: Humboldt- UniversiPublisher: NA
URL: https://www.iaaw.hu-berlURL: https://www.southasiachroniclejournal.com/
Title- TathapiTitle- Tathapi with is an UGC CARE Journal
Language: GujaratiLanguage: English and Gujrati
Publisher: TathapiPublisher: NA
ISSN: 2320-0693ISSN: 2320-0693
URL: NAURL: https://www.tathapi.com/index.php/2320-0693/about
Title- Tattva- SindhuTitle- Tattva- Sindhu
Language: English, HindiLanguage: English, Hindi
Publisher: Coomaraswamy FPublisher: Coomaraswamy Foundation
ISSN: 2349-1426ISSN: 2349-1426
URL: https://www.coomaraswaURL: NA
Title- The Journal of OrientalTitle- The Journal of Oriental Research Madras
Language: EnglishLanguage: English
Publisher: The KuppuswamiPublisher: The Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute, Mylapore
ISSN: 0022-3301ISSN: 0022-3301
URL: https://ksri.in/academic-URL: NA
Title- TifanTitle- Tifan
Language: MarathiLanguage: Marathi
Publisher: TifanPublisher: Tifan
ISSN: 2231-573XISSN: 2231-573X
URL: NAURL: https://www.tifan.in/2020/04/tifan-issn-2231-573x.html
Title- UnmilanTitle- Unmilan
Language: HindiLanguage: Hindi
Publisher: Darshan PratishthPublisher: Darshan Pratishthan
ISSN: 0974-0053ISSN: 0974-0053
URL: NAURL: https://hindijournals.org/index.php/unmilan
Title- Utkal Historical ResearTitle- Utkal Historical Research Journal
Language: EnglishLanguage: English
Publisher: Department of HistPublisher: Post Graduate Department of History, Utkal University
ISSN: 0976-2132ISSN:0976-2132
Title- Vigyan PrakashTitle- Vigyan Prakash Journal
Language: English, HindiLanguage: English
Publisher: Lok Vigyan ParishPublisher: NA
ISSN: 1549-523XISSN:1549-523X
URL:https://www.vigyanprakasURL: http://lokvigyanparishad.com/
Title- Wesleyan Journal of ReTitle- Wesleyan Journal of Research (Cloned Journals)
Language: MultilingualLanguage: English, Hindi
Publisher: Bankura ChristianPublisher: Bankura Christian College
ISSN: 0975-1386ISSN:0975-1386
URL:http://www.wesleyanjournURL: NA
UGC Cloned Journals List

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