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Mr. Musawer Hakimi is an accomplished professional in the field of computer science, holding a diverse range of academic qualifications and certifications. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from India, showcasing a strong foundation in the discipline. His commitment to continuous learning is evident through the acquisition of 25 certificates in Computer Science from India, further supplemented by two certifications in Ethical Hacking and Oracle Database from the United States. Distinguished by his pursuit of advanced knowledge, Mr. Hakimi attained a Master's degree in Information Technology from Kabul University, underscoring his dedication to academic excellence. His scholarly contributions extend beyond borders, with more than Eleventh published papers spanning notable international journals in the UK, USA, Turkey, Sweden and Indonesia. These publications reflect his depth of expertise and engagement with global academic discourse. Currently serving as a Lecturer in the Computer Science Department at the Public University of Afghanistan, Mr. Hakimi plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of computer scientists. His rich academic background, coupled with a robust research portfolio, positions him as a valuable asset in the academic community, contributing significantly to the advancement of computer science education and research on a global scale.