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How to increase your citation


How to increase your citation



If you are research/author and you want to publish your article for want to more number of citations, then let's start with some simple tips. first of all your citations score is always depending on your research paper / article, quality and what's about, who are your readers, and what are you writing.


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Tips for increase citations

Write a persuasive article.

If you want to increase numbers citations of your articles, then first you have to write a persuasive article to your readers that meets your readers' needs and learn something new from your article. 

Note: Most authors write articles of plagiarism, so do not copy the work of any other researcher, write your own content, then you can increase your quotes otherwise your article will not be selected in any publications.


Create an effective title

The title is the most identity of your research paper, so please create a relevant title who can meet your research work. If you are writing an article about microbiology and your article title is related to a dental, then you can not use such a title, and always keep your title short. you can also add 1–2 keywords within 65 characters of your title, that keyword you thought for your paper, use also H1 Heading for the title.

Write a clear abstract

After the article title, your abstract portion is very valuable for your research paper, because your article all details has contained in your abstract portation. so please create a clear abstract and if possible you can add the title and keyword in abstract portation  also.


Choose your keywords

In any paper, the keyword is a word that helps your readers find you easily. so choose your keywords carefully, you can also use MeSH on Demand tools to find the best keywords.


Publish your article in open access journals

Your citations depend on the type of journal, means in which journal you are publishing your research paper, if you are not publishing your paper in an open access journals then they directly affect your citation, because your readers will be limited and everyone can not access your articles, only limited person can access, so before publishing your paper consider that journal is open access or not after that publish your article. find an open access journal list and what is open access journals?

Share your paper on social media

You can share your work in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora,, Researchget and Mendeley. you can also create a facebook page for your research paper. if you have your own website then you can use it to share your paper otherwise, you can also create your google scholar profile to share your research paper. contact us to create your website free and paid also.

Use Email & ORCID id

You can also mention email id in your paper to getting a research identifier, if you have ORCID id(Open Researcher and Contributor ID) then you can use it for as an identifier.


Choose height impact factor journals

Always try to publish your article in popular and height impact factor journals. You can also submit your article in the journal which is moving fast.


Use images, graphs and tables

If you writing an article, please use images, graphs and tables in your article. images, graphs and table help to your readers, what about your article and what do you want to say in the article. I recommend you use minimum 2-3 images in your article because most of the time images used to grab attention, and using images you can also grab the attention of your readers.


Use more refrencess in your articles

The articles references are key of article citation, so please use maximum references In your articles. Writing the references of some authors sounds bigger than a mountain, who think that  it is a waste of time to write the references, so they do not write references, but you have to know that you can get more quotes using references, please enter minimum 50 references in your article    
Note: Your articles' reference does not cite your article but your article's references also cite this article from where you have taken some idea or content for your article. if all author will use more reference in their articles then, definitely will help to improve the citation of journals.


How to cite this article

If your readers are reading your article and they want to cite your article, in a simple way you can give a how to cite this article option to your reader, it can help your author to cite your article in a simple way.   

There are many different formats and ways of citing sources from your research

APA (American Psychological Association)

MLA (Modern Language Association)


There are many tools available in the market, you can use it for free (Citethisforme).


Avoid questions mark in your title

Most of user using question mark in title, remember that you have't use any question  mark in your title, any author will not search your article with a question mark so please avoid question mark from your title, and try to avoid another special character from the title like (;\|}{}), yes you can use underscore (-), if you are still using a question mark in the title then Google will not rank your article definitely, and you will not get more citation in your articles.

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