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What is google scholar

what is google scholar

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1. What is google scholar

Google Scholar is a online web search engine for academic and scholarly content. the main purpose of google scholar is to provide academic and scholarly information easily. Google Scholar index includes most peer-reviewed online academic journals, books, conference papers, preprints, Manuscript, Case reports, abstracts, technical reports, and other scholarly literature, including court opinions and patents. google Scholar has 80-90% academic and scholarly content in English with World's largest educational search engine.

2. Features of Google Scholar?

i. Quick search facility.

ii. Online public profile.

iii. Access your content globaly.

iv. Help to create a reliable content.

v. Create custom alert

vi. Citation report.


Quick search facility

As we know google scholar is a products of google, and use of google, Similarly google scholar provide a good search facility for google scholar user. you can get a best result for your query in one click.


Online free public profile

google scholar provide a free access to create your own profile in google scholar. if you have a google scholar profile then you can publish your content online publicly in google scholar, and you can get more viewes and citation on your articles, for whom you have submit your articles in google scholar.

Access your content globaly

As we know google scholar is a free services (for limited Features) if your content is online in google scholar then everyone can access your content in google scholar,  you also can access your content globaly with the help of google scholar.

Help to create a reliable content

More then 389 million documents are available in google scholar, if we need any help to create and research then we can get reliable and useful information from google scholar to knowladeg purpose.

Create custom alert (library)

You can create a custome library for a topic of interest using google scholar alert, if you have interest in one subject like global wormang, then you can create a custome alert for global wormaing in which you will get all information and alert related to global worming, and you can gain deeper knowledge around a complicated topic and be always up to date


Citation report

Google scholar provide a simple way for researcher to track their article citation, researcher can track who cating their articles, publication, using google scholar profile.



3. How to create google scholar account (profile)?

if you don't have any google scholar profile and you want to track your articles, publication citation using google scholar then Let's start. As we know google scholar is a product of google As I mentioned above. If you want to create you own profile in google scholar please first of all create you google acount(gmail) after that you can create your google scholar profile.

i. Please open google scholar home page (google scholar),

ii. You can see my profile option in top left of webpage. now click in my profile option,

iii. Now sign in if you have not sign in,

iv. Now please fill all required fields like Name, Affiliation, Email for verification, Areas of interest and Homepage,

Note: Please can't use gmail, yahoo, hotmail and rediffmail etc in email option, if possible, enter any office/domain email, e.g : [email protected] otherwise don't fill email option,

v. If you have your own website, please mention the link to the website (optional),

vi. Click in next button,

vii. Search a topic of interest, you can select a publisher, journals and specific topic also,

viii. Now again click for next button,

ix. Set you profile visibility and click in done.

You have successfully created your google scholar profile, now track your article/publication citation.


4. How to add article in google scholar?

if you have your own profile in google scholar and you want to add your research paper please follow the steps

i. Please open your google scholar profile,

ii. click in (+) and select add article manually ,

iii. Fill your research paper details and click in submit button,

iv. Now your article has been successfully added to your profile.

Now track your article's citations


5. How google scholar work?

Google scholar work as a search engine like google, bing and any other search engine, the google scholar robots crawl all the relevant data from the website and working as per google algorithm.

Google Scholar crawls those websites, articles, books and conferences that are being viewed by more people. means if your article is seen by more people, then it is likely that your article will be indexed faster in Google Scholar. And its direct effect will be on your citations and your quotes will increase.

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