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Open access

what is open access journals

What is open access?

An academic knowledge such as a book, journals, articles and other data which are freely available on the internet for everyone without any charges or other barriers, the publication is called 'open access'. Open access content is freely available to everyone, everyone can read, print, download and reuse, but only for educational purposes. There are main two types of open access.

Types of Open Access

  1. Gold Open Access
  2. Green Open Access


Gold Open Access

Gold OA Journals provide free, immediate access to the article final published version via publisher websites to anyone on the internet without any subscription fees or sign-in. that may or may not Authors (or their funders or institutions) pay an article publication charge (APC) upon acceptance. the public library of science (PLOS) is an example. articles are licensed for sharing and reuse via creative commons licenses or similar. get Open access journals list.

Green Open Access

Green self-archiving authors publish in a journal and archives a freely available version of the manuscript in their institution's repository, or in a national repository (for example, PubMed central, web of science and google scholar) or post them on other OA sites. green journals publisher are those that allow self-archiving.


APC (Article processing charges)

An APC (Article processing charges), also known as publication charges. is a fee which is charged to authors to process of his/her article (review, formatting and online). The APC fee depends on the age and quality of the journals and the publisher, which can be a PAC minimum of $10 to $1500, there is no maximum limit for the article processing charges(APC).


Benefits of Open Access

1. Increased visibility

2. Increased citation rates

3. Global impact


Increased visibility

If any journals, articles and books are freely available on the internet without charge and other obstacles, then everyone can use your content. They can increase their knowledge and put them in their work. If your content is freely available to everyone, then your users and readers will be more. means you are getting more viewers in your content.


Citation rates

We all have a habit of taking help from the internet, whenever we need some help then we are looking for online, in the same way if your content is available on the internet free, people will read it and will take some help from your content, so that your content The citation of this will increase.


Global impact

Today, it is very easy to reach your work globally in the world of internet, for whom we have to upload our work to the internet; if a researcher uploads his work to the Internet, then all people see that work Similarly, if your content is being published in an open access journal, then your article will be reached to all globally.